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Date of Birth : 4 July 1924 , Newark, New Jersey, USA
Birth Name : Eva Marie Saint
Nickname : The Helen Hayes of Television,
Height : 1.63 m
Sign : Cancer
Hair : Platinum Blond

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Eva Marie Saint is a legendary award-winning American actress, famous for her roles in On The Waterfront (1954), A Hatful of Rain (1957), North by Northwest (1959), Exodus (1960), and Superman Returns (2006). From 2012-2014, .... Read More


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Eva Marie Saint Quotes

"During the Depression people were looking for a hero. Well, I don't think things have changed that much."
"I am married to a director who appreciates my work and that I want to work."
"All those lovely things that make for an attractive man and, boy, Cary Grant, was he not all of that?"
"I was never torn between my family and my career, my family always comes first."
"I was intimidated by making a movie because I had never made a movie."
"I'm from the Actor's Studio. You don't depend on anyone else but yourself and all the other actors you're working with."
"I told Hitch when I find a wonderful role that I want to do, I’m going to do it."
"My husband and I are doing Love Letters, the A. R. Gurney play. It's a beautiful, beautiful play."
"For years and years I would go to sleep and I loved whenever I dreamt I was flying."
"My husband and I often talk about taking the train through the Rockies and California and other places."
"People still come up to me and say, "Gee, I've been on the trains and I've never met anyone like Cary Grant!""
"I adore my husband and then I adore Robert Osborne. I think he's fantastic."
"I don't wake up and say, 'Gee, it's a nice day and I'm a legend."
"My dad was Quaker and a businessman. They were very positive in their outlook on life."
"My mom lived to be 91 and her advice was, 'Honey, just keep moving.'"
"As I get older, it's wonderful to have a chance to work with someone like Wim and [with] Wayne Wang."
"He's wonderful to work with. You just have a sense that Wim really knows what he wants." (on director Wim Wenders)
“Painters can study the masters can't they? Musicians can hear Beethoven. What will filmmakers do?”
"It all has to do with the director, the captain of the ship. He sets the pace, the mood."
"You know, you do it, and you get paid for it, and you have a wonderful time, then you're on to something else."